Frozen Meat Supplier & Wholesale Singapore is an online food ordering and delivery service, started in 2015, with a goal to serve one of the best quality and selection of frozen meat to you at highly affordable prices.

We are representing an established wholesaler and food distributor who have served some of the biggest food retailers, hotel establishments, banquets, restaurants, caterers, and eateries since 2009.

Quick Questions

Here are some quick questions that we had received since we’ve started this site.

1. Do you have a shop front?

We are operating as an online retailer where we will collect and receive orders and payment. All confirmed orders will then be forwarded to our distributor who will help with the preparation and fulfillment of your order.

2. Do you accept NETS, cheque, cash on delivery, or Direct Bank Transfer?

We are currently accepting payments through Direct Bank Transfer along with secure credit card payments through PayPal.

3. Is there GST on top of your prices?

All prices on our site are as is — no additional charges. 🙂

4. Are we able to get next day delivery?

Yes. We batch our orders at noon and by 3pm. All orders with completed payments by 3pm will qualify for next day delivery.

5. Why are there no images?

We haven’t managed to come up with a concept that might work for frozen meat. All items have been packaged to smaller portions for orders through our site.

The Team

Daniel is the founder and creator of a few online businesses, bringing a curated list of the best products you can have at prices that you’ll love. He enjoys forming teams who are dedicated to their work, allowing you to get the best out of each purchase you make with us.