What’s the difference between “cut”, “cube”, “strips”, “sliced”, and “whole”?

Our factory does a variety of cuts based on our users’ needs. Here’s the difference between the 5 types of cuts that you’ll see on the ordering form:

“Cut” — This is the direct mandarin translation for “切” which the meat would be cut into smaller pieces (almost cube-like shapes).

“Cube” — Similar to “cut”, whereby the meat would be processed to cube shaped pieces (from a bigger piece) for easier cooking.

“Strips” — A thick strip of meat; seen in “pork belly strips”.

“Sliced” — Thinly sliced pieces of meat for quick and easier cooking, especially popular for “mookata” or “shabu-shabu” cooking styles.

“Whole” — A whole piece usually amounting to the upper 3kg to 4kg range.